Book 2: First Draft in the Can

…And by that I don’t mean the trash can. Or the toilet. (Though maybe there were times in the process that I wanted to put the WIP in one of those places.) No, I just mean that it’s done, and yesterday I sent it off to my excellent editor. There’s a certain amount of relief to get it off of my desk, and maybe an extra hour or two of sleep that can be had while it’s on hers.

What’s more of a relief is knowing that I have a foundation in place for the novel. When it comes to writing, I’m definitely more of the revising type. It always feels a little easier once there’s something to work with, when some of the choices are narrowed down. Sure, there will be a ton of things to fix and add and change, but that’s the fun part. Like coloring in between the lines. In the meantime, zzzzzz.

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