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Yesterday, as that saucy meteorological minx Irene crept up toward Philly, I drove out to West Chester for the PAYA Festival. First of all, this event was organized by a 15-year-old named Skyanne Fisher and raises money for libraries across the state. How cool is that? She’s my new hero. Second, I got to meet/see wonderful authors like Beth Kephart, Charlotte Johnson Bennardo, Natalie Zaman, Josh Berk, Scott Tracey, Leah Clifford and my Apocalypsie buddy K.M. Walton. I also got to meet (in person) the lovely Heather Hebert, co-owner of Children’s Book World, who’d graciously told me about this event in the first place. Now here comes the third and really crazy part: Heather got my publicist to send over a few advanced review copies of PRETTY CROOKED and raffled them off at the fest. So my book got to sit there with all the other nice and official books. Not only that, but when I came in, Heather introduced me to some young readers as “the author.” Now there are lots of moments during this whole process when it’s started to seem more real, but this was the first time I’d actually stood in close proximity to my novel and been called an author—mind-blowing. Utterly mind-blowing.

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