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A few months ago, I decided to self-publish JUNE OF ROCK to Kindle, Barnes & Noble and Goodreads, not really knowing what to expect, but figuring it was worth a shot. This was the book that got me my agent but after submitting it for about a year or so, we found that it didn’t resonate with traditional publishers, so I put it away and wrote PRETTY CROOKED.

This week, JUNE has started to get some great buzz from awesome book bloggers Fred LeBaron and Lyrical Brown. The positive reviews are an extra-special bonus but above all, I’m thrilled to have it out there, with readers on the other end. For me, it’s proof that while not every ms. is going to be a big seller, every ms. can find a home with readers. It’s a pot and lid thing, and I couldn’t be more proud that JUNE is finding her lid.

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