Trailer Shoot

On Sunday, we shot the footage for the PRETTY CROOKED trailer. It was an *amazing* day. My sister, Susannah Ludwig, is a film producer and organized everything, recruiting an entire crew which consisted of an alum, current students and staff from my alma mater Germantown Academy (yes, I went to high school with Bradley Cooper).

(L-R, clockwise) Alex Takei, Tim McAleer, Susannah Ludwig and Kevin Chou film a cyber-bullying scene. Photo courtesy of Gaby Russomagno.

Our director, NYU student Tim McAleer, gamely came down from NYC and helped us recreate two major scenes from the book. We even got a real-life mansion to work with—and it’s a movie star in its own right, because it’s been featured in an M. Night Shyamalan film, among others. Video teacher Dainis Roman brought five of his students who not only worked from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. to set up each shot, but who will also be helping us edit the final product as a class project. Getting to know everyone and seeing my book come to life with their creative input was really fun. I was truly moved by these fine folks who dedicated their time, resources, passion and skills to help me with my project.

The crew (Dainis, Tim, Beau & Kevin) sets up a shot for Emma Hearn, who's playing Willa

Our second location, "Kellie's" mansion

Special thanks to:
Gaby Russomagno, K. Richardson, Dainis Roman, Tim McAleer, Alex Takei, Kevin Chou, Beau Whitman, Lyssa Test, Leksy Roman and our cast—Emma Hearn, Shira Epstein and Kristin Vaganos. Not to mention my wonderful sister Susannah Ludwig and her husband Mike Poppleton, who consulted on sound.

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