So Much Good Stuff

Around here, everything is swiftly tilting to launch day. (Which is, um, a week from tomorrow!) I’m really excited about all of the amazing giveaways and blog promotions going on, so I wanted to get my self-promote on and list them for you here:

My own OMG > 30 Days Giveaway continues until next week!

Over at Sleuths, Spies and Alibis, where I hang out and sleuth, we’ve got a whole week of fun Pretty Crooked-related posts and giveaways.

At I Am a Reader Not a Writer, there’s a surprise package giveaway.

Phew! Are you dizzy yet? Too dizzy to read? I hope not, because at Teen Reads, there’s an excerpt up! And, even better, there’s an amazing contest with a Grab Bag of HarperCollins books. For serious, you must go enter this right now!

Finally, my official blog tour is unrolling now, thanks to The {Teen} Book Scene.

Hope you all are doing well.

More soon!

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