So yesterday, I crossed the bridge from unpublished to published and Pretty Crooked is now out in the world. It was an amazing day. Here’s how it played out:

First, I woke up and caught up with email, Twitter and Facebook where there were already lots of lovely well wishes from friends, family and fellow writers. There were blog posts here and here and here and here and here and here. There was a new Pretty Crooked Gift campaign on Facebook to spread the word about. And I was very psyched to see that Amazon only had one copy left!

Then at 11 am, I went for a massage—a release day treat! After which I wandered around Philly for a bit and had lunch. (And, okay, I bought myself a cute new dress for book events.)

Back at home I found flowers from family friends waiting for me. Completely unexpected! Then I came back to the ‘puter for more Pretty Crooked buzzing. Then my husband and I a dinner at a very lovely BYO called Fond and we brought a special bottle of wine with us.

When we got back I found ANOTHER beautiful floral arrangement waiting for me, courtesy of my amazing editor and the fine folks at Katherine Tegen Books.

The day ended with a Mo’s Bacon chocolate bar—decadent and perfect! In all, a wonderful, magical day.

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