Author People Need Author People

I’m fresh off of two superfun book events this weekend*, and I come away understanding more than ever how important it is, in this writer business, to have friends at your side.

K.M. Walton, me and E.C. Myers at Chester County Book & Music Co. for our writing workshop.

As everyone knows, writing is lonely. Hate to say it, but publishing can be lonelier. There are so many firsts, and so many uncertainties, so much to learn, so many emotional ups and downs. So many unexpected ways in which you feel vulnerable.

KidLit Club peeps Jenn Hubbard, Alissa Grosso and me at Barnes & Noble Jenkintown.

Yeah, I know I’m lucky as hell to be where I am and I don’t ever forget that. But it’s kinda like starting at your top-choice college. You’re secretly terrified that you won’t be up to the task. That someone in the admissions office made a mistake and you’re going to flunk out spectacularly, leaving behind a trail of CupaSoups and incomplete syllabi.

Me, Eve Marie Mont and Tiffany Schmidt at Eve's launch party for A BREATH OF EYRE.

KidLit Authors Club members Nancy Viau, Alissa Grosso, me and Charlotte Bennardo.

It’s hard to imagine it now, but a year ago, I had just joined the Apocalypsies and I had no kidlit author friends to speak of. When I first started connecting, on the advice of my awesome editor Claudia, I was skeptical about how I could possibly get that much out of being part of author groups. Weren’t we all competing for readers? Would anyone really be that supportive? Why should they care about me or my book? Maybe being in the writer cave for so long had truly warped my brain, because I was completely clueless.

Beth Kephart, Ame Dyckman, Mônica Carnesi, K.M. Walton, Diane Salerni, Amy Garvey, me and E.C. Myers at Barnes & Noble Exton.

So much has changed over these last twelve months. Being part of the Apocs and the KidLit Authors Club has allowed me to get to know tons of wonderful people, both here in the Philly area, and further afield, who offer wisdom, help support one another and bring a sense of camaraderie to the signing table. I cherish these new relationships, and I eagerly await each event where we can hang out together and share the experience. Also, eat chocolate. For some reason, there’s almost always chocolate involved. See what I mean? These writer people are awesome.

*FYI: There are now a bunch of ripe signed copies of Pretty Crooked available at the Barnes & Noble in Jenkintown and Chester County Book and Music Company waiting to be plucked from the shelves.

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