Events up the Wazoo

Well, I had an amazing time on Saturday at the first ever YAFest in Easton, PA, which was held at the Palmer Library branch. 35 authors were on hand to meet readers and sign books, and the lineup was spectacular. Plus, there was a scavenger hunt, bake sale, book sale, panels, an especially memorable performance of MasterBerk Theater and a crew of incredible Volunteens wandering around to help us all day (they rocked). In all, a fantastic event, and I can’t wait until next year!

In the meantime, I have an event scheduled for tomorrow that’s a little closer to home—about eight blocks, approximately. One of the reasons I wanted to move to East Falls is because it has (in my opinion) the most charming branch of the city library system, and tomorrow, I finally get to do an author event there. It’s the first of a two-part series, actually, which starts with a workshop for teen writers and concludes on the 21st with a reading, signing and meet-and-greet. Hope to see you there. I can’t wait!

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