Three Things (And a Six Month Freakout!)

Three things:

1. This is so crazy I can’t even believe I am typing it, but Pretty Sly will be out six months from today.

Six. Months. Do you know how quickly that is going to go by? I know, because I remember this time last year, anticipating the release of Pretty Crooked, and it was like two blinks and a wink from September to March.

2. And did you know Pretty Sly was available for preorder at Amazon and Barnes & Noble?  Okay, well, consider this your not-so-subtle reminder. Ahem.

3. Finally, in case you’ve read Pretty Crooked and you really liked it or if you just like me (I like you, too!) and want to help support my authordom, I’d like to to direct you to this blog post by my friend E.C. Myers. In it, he lays out all the ways you can help support your favorite authors and books. I was going to make my own plea, but he does it so well, I figured it easiest to just send you his way.


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