My Berlin Adventure

I just got back from a superfun week in Berlin. My husband had a conference there so I decided to tag along and celebrate my birthday Eurostyle and find out what’s going on with the German version of Pretty Crooked (called Pretty Clever, to be released in January!). Here are some photo highlights from my trip:

I got on a train and caught the Frankfurt Book Fair, where I met my German editors and hung out with fellow Apocalypsie author Lenore Appelhans(pictured on the L).

I admired German bboys, outside of the Flohmarkt (flea market) in Prenzlauer Berg.I fell in love with a car. A Fiat, to be exact. Note that the Club is still very much in usage in Germany.I ate a lot of chocolate. Not this Titantic model, though, which was strictly for decoration at the Fassbender and Rausch choco-boutique.I admired this coffee shop, which has a delightfully straightforward name: Uppers.I saw bears like this one everywhere. Bears are the city mascot. This one was outside of our hotel, and while I can’t be exactly sure what it is that he’s carrying, I do love his polka dotted leotard.I ate a lot of meat. Pictured here is a wurst counter in the famous and dizzying KaDeWe food hall.

We rocked the U-Bahn and S-Bahn railway systems like nobody’s business. That’s Jesse, my husband, on the right.



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