Pretty Crooked goes to Germany!

It’s been a busy fall with not many updates on this here blog—I apologize. I’ve been hard at work on Book 3 of the Pretty Crooked series (seriously, Willa’s drama is just beginning) and eking out a first draft of something new for my own personal unofficial version of NaNoWriMo. And there are a few other juicy tidbits of news I’m sitting on for the time being…more soon, I promise.

Anyway, back to Deutschland. In October, I traveled to Germany and the Frankfurt Book Fair where I was lucky to meet with the lovely team from Loewe Verlag who are publishing Pretty Crooked in January. Actually, the German title is Pretty Clever (“crooked” doesn’t really translate). I’m so excited, because this is my first foreign sale, and the idea of people getting to read my book in another language just continues to blow my mind. And today I’m thrilled to unveil the awesome cover! Ta-da!

Huge thanks to Loewe Verlag’s designers for a fantastic job! I love the emphasis on the desert setting and the simplicity of the design. I’m also really feeling the sassy orange. What do you think?


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