PRETTY WANTED out today!

It’s here! It’s here!¬†PRETTY WANTED, the third and final book in the PRETTY CROOKED trilogy is out today and available in bookstores.*
It has been a wild and fun journey, writing this series, and I’m so so grateful that you were there along the way, whether it was attending a release party or event, helping to make a trailer, emailing me to let me know your reaction to the books, or connecting me to librarians and teachers to help spread the word. Whatever the case, thank you for helping make my dream of becoming a published author (with actual readers!) a reality.

*If you don’t see the book in your local bookstore, and you want to buy it, ask them to order it. Reviews on sites such as Amazon or B&N are also hugely helpful to authors like me who are, shall we say, NOT Suzanne Collins. Old-fashioned word-of-mouth mentions to fellow readers? Also great and also deeply appreciated! But mostly, thank you for getting to the end of this protracted footnote.


**I have a lot of fun events coming up… stay tuned¬†for more details!

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