When a Reader Grows Up!

I was so lucky this past weekend to attend YA Fest in Easton, PA with tons of awesome authors. I hadn’t done an event in several months and it was a happy reunion with many great friends. I met so many lovely teens and parents and teachers and librarians. The absolute best moment, though, was when Kara Glaser showed up. I met Kara back in 2012, when she took a writing workshop with me at a bookstore. She and her incredibly supportive mom have been coming to my book events ever since and each time I’m so touched to see them and eager to catch up. On Saturday, though, I had to do a double take because Kara is now 17 years old and looking at colleges and she’s a serious writer in her own right. I’m so thrilled to see the mature young woman she’s become and can’t wait to read her work when she’s the one sitting behind the table. Here she is back in the day:1489143_10201825112369208_1915325074_n


And here she is in 2018:

IMG_7186 (1)

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