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OMG OMG OMG OMG. I have been waiting for what feels like FOREVER to share this insanely exciting update, but the COIN HEIST movie is coming out. On January 6, to be exact. On Netflix! That’s right—it’s a Netflix Original, … Continue reading

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Pretty Crooked Trailer Time

Can I just say that I am insanely psyched (insanely!) to share with you the trailer for Pretty Crooked? Some of you already know that my sister and the students/alumni of Germantown Academy helped me put this baby together. Today, … Continue reading

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Trailer Shoot

On Sunday, we shot the footage for the PRETTY CROOKED trailer. It was an *amazing* day. My sister, Susannah Ludwig, is a film producer and organized everything, recruiting an entire crew which consisted of an alum, current students and staff … Continue reading

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